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What to Be a Servant Leader?
It’s Time to Lead Through Your Strengths
Heather Nicole, Founder/Owner

Do you live to make a difference, serve others, and leave a legacy? How would you like to focus on doing what you do best while growing a sustainable company? Wouldn’t it be great to spend the majority of your time on things that energize you, that are your strengths, and allow you to fulfill your purpose?

By focusing on your natural talents and the talents of your team, you can supercharge your effectiveness by embracing what helps you do your best work every day.

Why You Need to Focus on Strengths

It’s through leveraging your unique strengths that you can get to the thrilling state of flow, elevating your work.

Think about your day-to-day. Are there times when you procrastinate or feel uninspired? Chances are, these are the times that the work you’re doing is bringing on fear or doesn’t play to your innate strengths — often, it’s both.

I’ve been developing and coaching leaders for nearly two decades. Traditionally, leaders always focus on developing an area of weakness, whether that area is in conflict resolution or leadership skills.

To motivate those they work with to develop weaknesses, they dangle a promotion or bonus in front of their team to improve.

However, when you focus only on developing weaknesses, improvement is incremental: maybe only 20%. Why? Because nobody likes working in areas they’re not good at. It’s hard in a way that doesn’t bring a sense of inherent joy because you’re working against your natural set of talents and gifts.

When you focus on growing natural talent, you see exponential improvement. Not to mention you become much more engaged when you’re working in an area of strength.

Don’t just take my word for it. Gallup, a global research institution, found that if you focus on your employees’ strengths, the likelihood they will be actively disengaged is only 1%. If you focus on your employees’ weaknesses, the likelihood they will be actively disengaged is 22%.

Strengths-focused development also improves the bottom line.

“Marcus Buckingham, a former Gallup researcher, best-selling author, and now owner of the Marcus Buckingham Company, presents a compelling case for strengths-focused training. Employees that marked ‘STRONGLY AGREE’ in terms of whether they have a chance to use their strengths everyday are 38% more likely to be on high productive teams, 44% more likely to earn high customer satisfaction scores on their teams, and 50% more likely to work on teams with higher retention — and we all know how expensive it is to lose top talent.”

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Utilizing Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment

If you’re ready to improve your profit margin and the effectiveness of your team, it’s time to take the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment.

Even if I wasn’t a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, I would still tell you it’s worth every penny. I’ve seen teams transformed when they take this assessment, go through individual and team coaching sessions, and reexamine how they approach work every day.

Here’s how the StrengthsFinder assessment works:

When you take the assessment, you receive your top five talent themes from a list of 34. These themes contribute to how you get work done and how you define success in your work and personal life.

Some of the ways your natural talents play out in your life may look like this:

  • Are you someone that is driven by competition, and have to win at all costs?
  • Do you go back and look at history and what led to an outcome before you can solve a problem and move forward?
  • Are you able to talk to anyone, anywhere, and win that person over, even if you barely know them?
  • Are you able to see the potential in others, and thrive in helping them grow?

These are all examples of questions that will lead you to your natural strengths so you can discover how to work smarter.

So how does this assessment differ from others? Also, when you receive your StrengthsFinder results, the odds of someone having the exact same top five talents in the same order as you are 1 in 33 million.You cannot be put in a box and assigned a label. Think about how unique you are. Now, think about how unique each person you lead is. Wouldn’t you love the key to unlocking their strengths and see their performance skyrocket?

Working with a Strengths Coach to Maximize Results

Working with a certified Strengths Coach can help you maximize and dive deeper into your StrengthsFinder assessment results.

Investing in your team by discovering their strengths is an excellent way to engage and retain your talentwithout breaking the bank. If you lead a lean organization and don’t have deep pockets for leadership development,

strengths workshops and coaching sessions are the way to go. This approach gives you and your team the space to understand your talents in a safe and productive space.

Having strengths-based conversations as you work out your annual goals and strategic priorities helps you see where you can engage your team based on their natural talents and interests.

I have seen sales teams completely transform with strengths-based leadership. Each member of the sales team sees how their relationship-building, communication, strategic, and executing

talents can be leveraged to nurture relationships, engage in consultative selling, and close deals while retaining lifelong customers.

How about you? How do you approach your work and lead your team? How engaged are your employees, and are they able to do their best work every day?

Instead of structuring work on your team solely based on job titles, wouldn’t you love to know what work drains each individual and what work lights them up and has them firing on all cylinders? How can your team collaboratively function like the envied entrepreneurial teams in Silicon Valley, innovating with purpose and passion while scaling? You can utilize the strengths of your team to grow your business exponentially, while retaining your top talent.

Simply put, tapping into strengths-based leadership grows your profits and increases productivity, thereby saving you money

Going through this StrengthsFinder journey has been incredibly eye-opening, and has helped me elevate other leaders’ careers and team performance.

Book a free discovery call with me today, and let’s uncover your strengths together and unlock your potential.
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Enter your details and the free workbook will be sent to your inbox!

You'll receive free leadership and business tools, articles and episodes of our online show straight to your inbox. Not interested? No problem, unsubscribe any time. 

Check your email for the workbook!

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